Dregus the savage is about 7'5 and is has a very thick bulky build, wide shoulders and sickly green scales. more often than not keeps to himself but is known to get the job done.


Dregus is a Lizard Man. But unlike his misunderstood brothers he is not like the other’s being able to talk and do other actions like a real person has parted him aloft from the rest making him a sad and lonely Lizard thus he is a poor conversationalist because he hate’s the fact that he can talk.

level 1
Class Barbarian
Hit Points 68/68
Fatigue 14/14
Mana 0/0

Weapons: Rusty axe +5
Armor: Rusty Chain mail + 3
Shield: Rusty Iron Shield + 8

Paralyze (Weak) 10% chance to paralyze one target

Melee 11 (5)
defense 10 (
attack 4
magic attack -4
magic defense 5


Strength 12
Intelligence 4
Agility 9
Speed 9
Endurance 8
Personality 4
Luck 8


As a young hatch-ling he had premature tail growth and could talk thus making him hard to understand by other lizard man and women alike. at 1st he tried to fit in by just making grunting sounds like the rest of them but it didn’t help him understand their speech patterns. so he left the Lizard Man to grow in his own way seeing things as if he was an Argonian but had a harder time trying to live with them as well they often just left him out of their feast and hunts stating that a lowly “rotten scale” has no place in their homes.

Now he is just a dagger for hire, trying to live and that’s all.


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